Web Scraping Prevention

If your website has data that is expensive to collect or compute (e.g., flight prices), a fraudster could steal it. Unfortunately, protecting the data with CAPTCHA hurts user experience and server-side bot detection based on IP address reputation is not reliable.

Use the demo below to see how Fingerprint’s bot detection identifies and blocks malicious bots, and prevents unauthorized data extraction. Here, the flights API endpoint on this page is protected by the Fingerprint Bot Detection Smart Signal.

How to use this demo

  1. Use a normal browser and search for flights.
  2. Now, try scrape the results using an automation tool like Selenium, Puppeteer, Playwright, Cypress, or similar. Note that the bot IP will be collected and displayed in the Bot Firewall demo.
  3. You will only see an error message if the request is coming from a bot. Try it using our online bot playground.
  4. Try tampering with the request ID parameter, request headers, or IP address. The result will be the same.
  5. To see how the page would behave without Bot Detection, reload it with ?disableBotDetection=1 in the URL.
You can see the detected bot visits and block bot IP addresses in the Bot Firewall demo.

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