VPN Detection

Many web applications need to apply content restrictions or regional discounts based on the visitor's geographical location. But tech-savvy users can simply turn on a VPN to appear to be somewhere else.

Fingerprint VPN Detection allows you to detect if a visitor is using a virtual private network and spoofing their location. You can prevent these visitors and other suspicious browsers from applying purchase-power-parity discounts or accessing geographically restricted content.

How to use this demo

  1. Click Activate regional pricing in the checkout form below. Assuming your VPN is off, you will get a location-based discount.
  2. Turn on your VPN and pick an exit node different from your true location.
  3. Try activating the discount again. You will not get the discount while using a VPN.
This use case demo uses Sealed client results to process the identification data. This provides lower latency and stronger tampering protection compared to only using the Server API.
Fight Online Fraud Course
Fight Online Fraud Course
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