Fingerprint use cases

Explore the wide range of major use cases supported by Fingerprint, including a comprehensive demo that showcases both frontend and backend sample implementations with a persistent data layer for each use case.

This provides insights and practical guidance on how to effectively implement Fingerprint for the specific use case that is most relevant to your business.


Analyze your own browser with Fingerprint’s identification and Smart Signals.

Test and examine Fingerprint’s signals including IP geolocation, browser bot detection, incognito mode detection, VPN detection, browser tampering detection, IP blocklist matching, and more.

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Coupon Fraud

Safeguard campaign funds from abuse by implementing Fingerprint to identify bad faith users who repeatedly use coupon codes

Accurately identify coupon fraud by signed-in customers or guests to ensure your marketing campaign yields its full potential.

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Credential Stuffing

Protect your users against credential stuffing using Fingerprint’s unique visitor ID provided for each user that visits your site.

Fingerprint's accurate identification prevents fraudsters from unauthorized account access, minimizing disruption for legitimate users.

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Loan Risk

Validate loan applications against prior submissions by users, whether they are anonymous or authenticated.

Use Fingerprint to check for consistency between applications and ignore submissions from previously rejected applicants.

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Payment Fraud

Identify anonymous visitors behind every transaction. Use Fingerprint’s Identification to recognize repeated card testing activity and link it to specific users. Protect your users and your business against various forms of payment fraud.

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Accurately identify returning users to provide limited access to your content and ensure users aren’t able to exceed their predetermined limits.

Your content limit for each user will work even if the user clears cookies or browses in incognito mode.

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Improve user experience and boost sales by personalizing your website with Fingerprint device intelligence.

Provide your visitors with their search history, interface customization, or a persistent shopping cart without having to rely on cookies or logins.

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Web Scraping Prevention

Web scraping extracts data using automated scripts. Data that is valuable to competitors can be stolen, directly impacting your business.

Fingerprint Smart Signal bot detection offers advanced protection without compromising user experience or relying on IP-based solutions.

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Bot Firewall

Integrate Fingerprint Bot Detection with your Web Application Firewall and dynamically block IP addresses linked to past bot visits.

Block previously recognized bots on their next visit completely — before they even reach your web page.

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SMS Pumping Fraud Protection

Fraudulent authentication SMS messages can cost your business a fortune.

Use Fingerprint device intelligence to prevent SMS pumping by bots and malicious actors.

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VPN Detection

Use Fingerprint VPN detection to detect visitors trying to spoof their location. Deploy location-based pricing or content restrictions with confidence.

Use Sealed client results to protect your Fingerprint integration from tampering and reverse-engineering.

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