Bot Firewall

Integrate Fingerprint Bot Detection with your Web Application Firewall and dynamically block IP addresses linked to past bot visits.

Fingerprint Bot Detection allows you to identify sophisticated bots and headless browsers by collecting and analyzing browser signals. See our Web scraping demo for an example of protecting client-site content from bots. This demo goes a step further. It uses Bot Detection results to block previously recognized bots on their next visit completely — before they even reach your web page.

How to use this demo

  1. Use a locally running instance of Playwright, Cypress, or another headless browser tool to visit the web scraping demo. See the demo tutorial for an example.
  2. Your headless browser will be recognized as a bot, and your IP address will be saved to the bot visit database displayed below.
  3. Click Block this IP to prevent the bot from loading the page at all going forward. For demo purposes, you are only allowed to block your own IP.
  4. Try visiting the web scraping demo again (either as a bot or using your regular browser).
  5. Your IP address is blocked from the page completely.
For the purposes of this demo, you can only block/unblock your own IP address (undefined). The block expires after one hour. The database of bot visits is cleared on every website update.

Bots detected on Web scraping demo

We recommend reading the instructions before trying the demo!